Nest Gimbal Head NT-530H
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Nest Gimbal Head NT-530H


Nest Gimbal Head NT-530H

Nest Gimbal Head NT-530H

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NEST Gimbal head NT-530H bird watching head is made of 10X carbon fibre. They are easy to grip and allow you to rotate your lens around its centre of gravity enabling easy manipulation of very large lenses up to 600mm.




Item No.                              NT-530H(optional accessory:NT-36AT/36CT)


Application                         All professional telephoto lens and bird watching binoculars


Head bottom screw            3/8’’


Net weight                         1336g


Max.load capacity             25kg


Max.dimensions              240mm(H)*236mm(W)*120mm(L)


Material                             10 X carbon 


NEST Gimbal heads have been developed to allow the user to manipulate heavier cameras with large telephoto lenses more comfortably than with a standard tripod head.  Speed, stability and maneuverability are especially important features when using long and heavy telephotos where a steady camera platform combined with quick smooth action controls is essential to insure sharp imaging.


This is especially important in long distance sports and wildlife photography. The mechanism on NEST Gimbal heads operates on the principal of manipulating the lens using its own centre of gravity. Using this principal it enables the photographer to operate high magnification telephoto lenses very effective.