Warranty Policy

Dear customer of Canon India Pvt Ltd,

You have purchased a product for which Canon Camera India offers a manufacturer’s warranty. Until now, we have enclosed the warranty conditions with the product package. As a new service, we will now make them available exclusively online. This has the advantage that you can access the warranty conditions for your product at any time.

Warranty Conditions

Canon India Pvt Ltd offers a product warranty from the date of purchase at an authorized Canon dealership for your Canon product and all accessories included in the original packaging (the “trademarked product”). The product warranty is subject to the following warranty conditions. Your statutory warranty rights towards the seller of your Canon products remain unaffected by the standard product warranty.

1. Warranty scope

1.1 Warranty scope

The product warranty term (“period of cover”) begins on the day of purchase from an authorized Canon dealership and ends latest two years after that date. During the period of cover, Canon shall remedy any complaints due to manufacturing faults and material defects free of charge. Such remedy shall be at the discretion of Canon either repair, replacement of faulty parts or full product exchange for a faultless product of equal value. The product warranty does not allow for any other claims beyond those mentioned above on any legal basis. Replaced products or parts become the property of Canon India Pvt Ltd

1.2. Limitations

The product guarantee does not provide cover for: (I) Installation, removal or disposal of the protected product or installation, removal, repair or servicing of products that are not protected products (including accessories, add-on components or other equipment) or electrical connections outside the protected product; (II) Protected products on which the serial number has been modified, rendered illegible or removed; (III) Use of the protected product in an industrial application, e.g. a) Installation of the protected product in an aircraft for production of aerial photographs; b) Use of the protected product to create reproductions; c) Use of the protected product on a production line for quality assurance and production monitoring purposes; (IV) Damage caused by improper handling (e.g. drop/impact, water, dust/sand); (V) Damage to the protected product caused by accidents, misuse, neglect, improper use (including incorrect installation, repair or maintenance work that has not been carried out by Canon or an authorized Canon partner), unauthorized modifications, extreme environmental conditions (including extreme temperatures and extreme humidity), extreme physical or electrical loads, interference, fluctuations or voltage peaks in the power supply, lightning strikes, static electricity, fire, force majeure, or any other external influences; (VI) Problems caused by components that are not part of the protected product, including any products not supplied by Canon, regardless of whether or not these were purchased with the protected product; (VII) Services required to fulfil legal requirements that did not come into force until after the beginning of the period of cover of the product guarantee; (VIII) Faults resulting from normal use or wear and tear, or normal ageing of the protected product; (IX) Purely cosmetic blemishes on the protected product (particularly scratches, dents and dust); (X) Wearing parts, such as batteries, unless the damage has been caused by a material defect or manufacturing fault; (XI) Preventive maintenance work on the protected product;

2. Your Obligations

To obtain the services available under the product guarantee, the customer undertakes: (I) To provide a copy of the original proof of purchase for the protected product when requested to do so by Canon; (II) to provide information about the symptoms and causes of the problems with the Protected Product; (III) to reply to questions, including requests for the serial number of the Protected Product, the model, the firmware version, peripherals connected to the Protected Product, error messages displayed, the actions performed before the problem manifested itself on the Protected Product and the measures taken to solve the problem; (IV) to follow the instructions issued to you by Canon, including the instruction not to send to Canon any products or accessories for which no repair or replacement service is available, and to follow the instructions to pack the Protected Product according to the shipping instructions; (V) to update the firmware to the most recent version before the customer avails himself of the service; Canon recommends making backup copies of all data in the Protected Products before sending the Protected Products to Canon for repair or replacement.

3. Limitation of liability

Consumers in jurisdictions that enjoy the benefits of consumer protection laws or regulations also enjoy the benefits due under this product guarantee, in addition to any rights and entitlements arising from those laws and regulations. No provision of this product guarantee affects the consumer protection laws granted by the applicable mandatory statutory regulations, including consumer protection laws, to press claims for damages against Canon in the event of complete or partial non-performance or failure to properly perform its contractual obligations. Insofar as is permitted under applicable law, Canon and its employees and agents will not under any circumstances accept liability towards you or to your legal successors for indirect or consequential damage, including but not limited to the costs for restoring, reprogramming or reproducing programs or data or for any costs incurred as a result of the loss of confidentiality of data, the loss of business opportunities, loss of profit, lost sales or lost savings caused by the obligations of Canon under this product guarantee. Insofar as is permitted under applicable law, the liability under this product guarantee of Canon and its employees and agents towards you and your legal successors is limited to the amount that you paid for the Protected Product.

In particular, Canon does not guarantee:
(I) That Canon will repair or replace the protected product without risk to or loss of programs or data,
(II) That operation of the product will not be interrupted or will be free of errors.
No provision of this agreement will exclude or limit the liability of Canon for:

(I) (I) Death or physical injury, or
(II) (II) Fraud caused by the negligence of Canon.
If liability can be limited according to the aforementioned laws and regulations, the liability of Canon shall, at the discretion of Canon, be limited to the replacement or repair of the protected product or provision of the service. According to the laws of some countries, states or regions, it is forbidden to exclude or to limit liability for accidental or consequential damage. Some or all of the aforementioned limitations may therefore not be applicable in your case.

4. Other Provisions

1. Should any provision or section of these guarantee provisions be or become invalid, illegal or unenforceable, this section or provision is to be separated from these warranty conditions and the validity of the remaining guarantee conditions is unaffected.
2. These guarantee conditions are subject to the law of the country in which the product was purchased. This choice does not encompass the provisions of international private law or the UN Conventions on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.
3. CANON is entitled to subcontract a third party to fulfil the duties of CANON or to transfer the duties of CANON under this contract to a third party; this does not absolve CANON of its obligations to fulfil the contract with respect to you.
4. CANON is not responsible for any non-fulfilment or delayed fulfilment of the product guarantee, where this is due to circumstances beyond CANON‘s reasonable control.
5. You agree that all information and data you provide to CANON under the terms of this product guarantee is neither confidential nor protected. You furthermore agree that CANON may collect your data while performing the services and use such data on your behalf. This may also involve the transmission of your data to companies or service providers connected with CANON that may be located in countries that do not enjoy the same level of data protection as found in your country of residence, including Australia, Canada, the Member States of the European Union, India, Japan, China and the USA.
6. CANON has put in place security measures to protect your data against unauthorized access or disclosure and against unauthorized destruction. You are responsible for the instructions you give CANON regarding the use of your data. CANON shall endeavour to adhere to these instructions insofar as is reasonable for the performance of the services and its support obligations under the product guarantee. If you do not agree with the above or if you have any questions about the effect that this processing method has on your data, please contact CANON on the telephone number below.
7. Any verbal statements, assurances or supplementary agreements do not constitute pat of this guarantee. Amendments and/or supplementary agreements are only valid if they are set out in writing and confirmed by legally binding signatures. This also applies to agreements regarding the requirement for the written form itself.
8. The sole place of jurisdiction is the registered office of CANON. This does not affect any exclusively statutory legal venues.