RF Mirrorless

Buy Canon RF Mirrorless Lenses Online

Canon has introduced new RF lenses which are different from EF lenses. These RF lenses design is more handy and customizable. Canon lenses have been a ruler in the industry and have introduced models suitable for all kinds of photography and videography.  

Why Choose RF Mirrorless Lenses?

The RF lenses offer new freedom in lens design that has larger apertures, cutting-edge components, and high-resolving power. These features are combined to create exceptional optics for shooting photos and videos. 

These lenses do not only offer unique image quality but they give a memorable experience too. The 12-pin RF mount increases the speed and quantity of connection between the camera and the lens. 

Shop Canon RF Mirrorless Lenses at Canon Authorised Dealer

If you wish to buy lenses for new photography gigs, look no further than Canon. Canon is one of the oldest and most trusted brands in cameras and camera equipment. It offers a number of categories in cameras and camera lenses. You can choose to shop for RF camera lenses if you wish to have exceptional pictures. 

Just Canon has an authentic collection of Canon lenses and provides the most competitive Canon RF lenses price in India. We are a Canon Flagship Store and have a wide range of Canon products including RF lenses. Whether you are a professional photographer or a complete beginner, Just Canon has everything suitable for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is better RF or EF lenses?

RF lenses are more advanced and more portable design in lenses. They are more functional and also offer better control over EF lenses. You might also get better image quality as compared to EF lenses of the same class. The design of RF lenses is also more flexible than EF lenses, they are smaller and lighter to carry. 

2Why buy Canon RF Mirrorless Lenses from Just Canon?

Buying Canon RF Mirrorless Lenses from Just Canon is a wise option because we have a wide collection of them. We offer free shipping and delivery and quick support. 

3. Do you offer delivery all over India?

Yes. Just Canon ships its Canon products of your choice all over India. You can also enjoy same-day delivery for certain products if your shipping address is in Delhi.

4. Are there any additional delivery charges?

Yes. Shipping and handling rates may vary based on product, packaging, size exclusively for selling Canon products in India as an authorized dealer of Canon India Pvt Ltd., volume, type and other considerations. The shipping and handling charges are given at the time of check out and consumers will know about this before making payments.